Stan Levey - The Beginnings of Bebop

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Received from Amazon and started reading. Love intro by Charlie Watts. The book is crafted rather uniquely in how it presents direct Levey quotes from old interviews and such vs the author's biographical material. It's a great technique to make Levey come alive. It's also an easy and enjoyable read. I am so glad forum member Griener recommended the book. Thanks!

Rattlin' Bones

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The book also has a review and recommendations of Levey albums. I bought "This Time The Drum's on Me" CD. Should be here next week.

Thanks, Griener!!!! I'm an Amazon jazz and blues video junkie. I have an Amazon Firestick and Prime, so late an nite weekends I'm searching Prime Videos for "jazz" or blues" and watching documentaries. This book fits right in to what I enjoy.

Comment: Levey must run under the radar a bit. For someone who played with virtually all the greats, I don't see his name come up nearly as of other jazz drummers of that era.

Every drummer should definitely read the book:
I also made a little playlist on Spotify:


Easily one of the best reads in the past few years for me when it comes to musician biographies. Cannot recommend it enough!