Stalking Drummers


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Ok, so the title was a little misdirecting but I really didnt know what to call it.

Just wondered if anyone else lives near a famous drummer?

I'll start it off. I personally live about 5 mins away from Steve Gadd. I dont know his exact house # but know the general area {so dont worry Steve if your on here!!! ;}

I started this as sometimes I find it difficult to remember these 'greats' that we look up to are just normal people (with great talent) they have to go to the grocery store to.

I'm still holding out for a 'chance' encounter with Steve at the fresh produce section where he can pass on some great skill secret he has been hiding! haha


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thats awesome. i always wondered if famous drummers (not people like travis barker, joey etc..) had people come up to them in the streets, steve gadd, steve smith, weckl, those kinda guys.


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I've stalked many famous Melbourne drummers. No 'world-famous', but many who are at the top of their game on the local level.

Watch their gigs, talk to them afterwards, check out their Myspaces, try and watch them surreptitiously at other gigs. Highly worth it.


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Hmmm... maybe cyber stalk. Any of those really famous drummers good about corresponding to us forum guys? I really never tried emailing them, i figure they're all really busy. Hell, i remember when neil peart was a contributing staffer at MD, he would correspond, then the word got out that he was doing that, he got flooded and had to abruptly stop that practice. I guess if it were Leadsingerworld, there would be some hot female singers i could stalk but there are almost none over here.

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I met Steve Shelly from Sonic Youth when I was 19. He even offered to let me go eat burritos with him and the crew but for some reason I said 'no'.

Even at 19, I knew being a fanboy was the ghey.

But yeah, if I ever met Brant Bjork, we'd probably talk more about Tony Alva than drumming.