Stairway to heaven instructions to play and stuff like that... I'm not good with titles!

I posted a step by step video of how to play stairway to heaven on the drums. Since I don't know how to post links, I'll just say my page is called yourmomrocks11. The video it self is called how to play stairway to heaven.

Anthony Amodeo

very little of that is what Bonham is actually playing in the song

but keep working at it

nice sounding snare drum


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Maybe it would be better to just play the song, rather than trying to demonstrate it in pieces. It's not easy to understand what part of the song you're referring to at any given time.

About gear, try to set your kit up a bit more comfortably. Your toms look like they're at very weird angles. That won't help your playing. Take that blue stuff off the heads too :)

I think it's cool that you're putting yourself out there. Keep going at it, & maybe smile a bit?


"Uncle Larry"
As much as your head is in the right place, your "teaching" method is impossible to follow and doesn't compliment you. You can't possibly expect anyone to understand you when you are saying "at the part that goes do, do do dum"...I have no clue what you are talking about. Embarrasses the family. Sorry just calling them like I see them.
Haha I'm sorry for the disappointment. It all goes together in the actual song and sounds a lot more like the way it's supposed to. I don't have a speaker system to Playbong with, so that does generate some problems. I'll get a better video of it in like two weeks.


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My first suggestion would be to move your camera. The viewer can't even see what you are playing half the time. If you are going to try and teach someone it's more important for them to see the drums than you.

Secondly, you need to be a little more technical about what part you are playing and things such as counts,etc. it's very confusing the way you do it now.

But I will echo the others, kudos for the effort.

Happy Drumming!