stainless steel drums


I played on a custom made stainless steel kit and absolutely loved it. However this kit was custom made by a really bizarre company and costs a gamillion dollars. Anybody know who makes stainless steel drums? I really dig the sound and im definitely thinking about getting one


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Ludwig made a set, in tribute to Bonham. It's a few thousand (around 3?). tama also makes their Warlord steel set, which is around 10 grand. And while not stainless steel, Trick makes 4 piece and 5 piece Aluminum sets for 3 to 4 grand.

It's a tricky market as there aren't a lot of people looking for it (so price shoots up), but they look worth it! I'd like to own a steel drumset one day (of course, when I have roadies to carry all of it; those things weigh a lot ;) )


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If you look you can find Ludwig sets from the 70's that were thin-shelled stainless. There were actually quite a few tom sizes and they sound all right.