Stagg Beginner Kit review.


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I'm not a total noob with drums - i played when i was a lot younger and have been around kits for the last year, but i just finally got my own. Money was tight, and i managed to pick up a Stagg kit for £70 BRAND NEW. The kit is a standard 5 piece (excluding cymbals and hats, although including stands for both) and came with 12" + 13" rack toms, 14" snare, 16" floor tom and a 22" snare, so it's probably a standard beginner rock set up. It would have been ideal if a throne was provided, but it was not.

It came untuned and pretty shoddily set up. Lots of buzz from the snare, which sounded horrid. The toms were tuned really poorly and the bass drum sound was flimsy to say the least. Both batter skins and resonant heads needed doing on all drums.

However, with some tuning and careful adjustments i've got this kit sounding REALLY nice for the price. I had to fit in some slithers of cardboard on the snares to stop ringing, but the room i'm in is really echoey and resonant anyway. It comes with Remo heads throughout, and the pedals are Stagg brand, but feel really sturdy and are comfortable to play. They're also medium sized so would suit most players.

The hardware is nothing to write home about, and some stuff came loose. However, once again, with some careful tightening here and there everything fits together pretty solidly.

I thought i would write this review because i searched for the kit before i bought it, and found little information. We have a £600 Mapex kit at uni, and once this Stagg kit is set up, it actually sounds decent in comparison.

For a beginner, unless you've got £700+ to spend on a new kit, i would definitely recommend going for one of these if you can find it second hand. I think with some hardware upgrades and some even better skins on it, this kit could sound pretty amazing for the price. As long as it doesn't fall apart - although this remains to be seen, the kit feels extremely solid as a whole.

EDIT: The kit actually looks identical to this: so i'm presuming with the quality on offer it quite possibly is this kit. If it is i have grabbed bargain of the year.
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