"Stageless Snare Positional Sensing" in Superior Drummer 3 ... (& EZDrummer3 & SSD5)


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Video available showing drum sampler "Stageless Snare Positional Sensing" πŸ™‚πŸ‘‰

The position sound result is so much more elegant compared to the 3 or 2 stages -> I feel that this is the next necessary step to get to a much more advanced and authentical level of sample engine e-drumming / drum sampler-e-drumming. 😊

I'm using the Roland βˆ™ 'PD-140DS' digital snare pad

and also a Drum-Tec βˆ™ Diabolo 13" Hand Hammered Snare.

As the digital pad provides state-of-the-art position triggering I recommend it for this "stageless" FIX.

βˆ™ I show the FIX results using normal [linear (or close to linear)] velocity translation and most notably at fixed velocity (max 127 or little below) in order to show the sound differences without different velocities affecting the sound.

βˆ™ The position translation can be shifted by using a controller curve -> so you can shift the EDGE range towards the center or towards the rim of the pad.

The following drum samplers, presets and snare models are shown :

βˆ™ Superior Drummer 3 (always default SD3 state / preset and mixer state (without any FX processing):

-- 4 x 14" Ludwig βˆ™ Black Beauty 20s

-- 8 x 14" Ludwig βˆ™ Coliseum

-- 5 x 14" Slingerland βˆ™ Radio King 50s βˆ™ ( βˆ™βˆ™βˆ™> the SD3 default snare)

βˆ™ EZ Drummer 3 - Bright Room - "Classic" preset :

-- 8 x 14" Masshoff βˆ™ "Big Chief"

SSD5.5 - "Deluxe 2 Free Dry'n Tight" kit / preset :

-- default "Dry'n Tight" preset Snare state :