Stage presence.


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How many of you twirl your sticks while playing live? Or do some attention getting "theatrics"?
How much time are you spending on this? Or, did you learn it on a drum line, or on your own?


I tend not to do any of that twirly stuff or flashy stuff. I play metal so either i have a really serious and pissed off expression which gets people attention somehow, or im headbanging to my own music which is me enjoying it more then trying to have presence even though it does attract alot of attention when the drummer is circle headbanging.

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It depends on the gig, but I do a lot of twirls, and stick tosses. Most of the time, I play with my whole body and get really into the music.

With something like a Jazz group, the stick tricks can't always work, but non-the-less you should look like you are really into what you are doing.

As a musician, you are an entertainer. People don't go out to listen to live music, they go out to WATCH live music. If they want to listen to it, they stay at home with an i-pod.

I HATE watching a drummer who sits on stage stone faced, looking board out of his (or her) mind. I don't care how good you are, if you fail to keep my interest visualy, you are not doing your job.


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I agree people go to SEE a band, which means at least looking like you're into it.

In my early 20's, I had a chance to see myself on video tape, and what I thought I looked like and what I saw on tape were two different things. I thought I looked into the music, and excitited to be there, but what I saw was boring enough to go to sleep by. So I worked on it. And I don't mean twirling and tossing sticks, but just having some life; making bigger arm movements, looking up, really making sure my face showed I was into what I was doing.

When I was a teenager, I had taught myself how to twirl. It was a way to being involved with drums that didn't make any noise (i.e. when the neighbors had had enough), but I never really did it much in bands.