Stage names....


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Does anyone have one...

My band members have resorted to calling me 'Shooey Laces'...

Apparently it's because I'm always found tying my boot laces when it's time for my round...

Joking apart...I think it makes me sound a bit like a Jazz Cat.

I like it


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Mikey Hanson is my stage name / nickname / name people use. It's the last name of my band, and all bandmembers have it, although we are also known by our real names as well.

Shooey Laces....that's good!


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The drummer for Big Sam's Funky Nation is called Chocolate Milk on stage.

My half brother said if we ever have a band it will be called Brothers from Another Mother and I would be called "Clea Shay".


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Mine is J-Ball. lol

My first name is Jeff (J). The ball comes from my days when i played college and minor league baseball. I didn't like it to start with but it's grown on me. lol

My family calls me Biscuit which is my name here at DW.


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I don't really have one but our bass player went somewhere on the Internet that had a Blues Name Generator.

Mine turned out to be "Sleepy Crockpot Washington"

I like to take naps, I always have food with me and I was born in DC


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Sparkboss has been a biproduct of my naval career as my last name is sparks... but i think that it would work on stage.

that or my junior high nick name "Spazz".. But i dont think that one is so true anymore..or is it?

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My friends call me EP, or Evil Paul. It's an oxymoron. There's a whole back story to it, but I won't bore you.

When I was in a punk band, the bass player called himself Adam Slander, the guitarist was Dickey Trick, and they called me The Scar, but I liked Razor Burns. Just recently though I called myself Bon Paul when I posted it to YouTube.