Stage fright, Nervous, Afraid?


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If any of the above is you, trying opening the link below and give it a good read.
Written by Mark Schulman, drummer for P!NK, Cher, and so many others, this was on his Twitter page this morning. I have been following Mark on Twitter since meeting him at a clinic here in Tampa. check it out. It is a fun read. Mark is the consummate showman and story teller and these types of articles appear on his Twitter page often. Not just his tour schedule or some more lessons. See for yourself.


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The only time I have every experienced anything even bordering on "stage fright" is when there's a really, really good drummer watching me. I know that just like I do when I watch a drummer, everything is being absorbed and dissected. Oh well. Most of the time I think playing out is about the most fun you can have.


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Great article, thank you for posting.

Despite being a newbie hack, and somewhat of a shy person, I do not ever get nervous about playing live at all. I do however obsess over things like finding a parking space close enough to the venue or whether there will be adequate room for my drums on the stage or needing to go to the bathroom badly in the middle of a set or an inadequate monitor mix and a million other things. Not typically a worrier, but I guess I worry about things that could spoil my playing experience since it means so much to me.


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Didn't he play on a Simple Minds album once. fantastic! Love 'em. She's a River...


I'll give you this much and then you have to read the rest on your own. It really is a good read.

These methods—which I fondly call my Nerve Breakers—work. Since that audition, I’ve performed with some of the greatest musical artists in modern history: Beyoncé, Cher, Sheryl Crow, Foreigner, Al Green, Billy Idol, Dave Koz, Udo Lindenberg, Richard Marx, Stevie Nicks, The O’Jays, P!NK, Simple Minds, Tina Turner, Velvet Revolver, Eikichi Yazawa and many others.


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I played in a showcase for Ron Fair (geffen A&R) in San Francisco once. That was the only time I have ever been nervous on stage. I definitely could have used some of this advice before that gig. Another example of the internet coming around a few years too late for me.


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Its funny how some things that bother some have no effect on others. While I have never had stage fright, I have social anxiety bad, so doing simple things like selling merch or talking to people before and after the show was incredibly nerve racking.