Stage Custom Birch owners: do your shells have one badge or two?


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My five piece shell pack features just one badge per shell. I figured it's a cost saving measure since all of my other Yamaha kits (2nd generation Stage Customs included) have two badges per shell. The add-on 14" floor tom I bought has just one badge, too.

I just had a look at the 8" tom I bought for the kit and what do you know? It has two badges.

How about your kits? One badge or two?
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I have a current generation Stage Custom from late last year.
Both of my rack toms have two badges each, both of my floor toms have one badge each.


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I'm a dope.

I reached around the rack toms and whaddaya know - there ARE two badges on each tom. They just weren't where I expected them to be.

I've been looking at the backside of a different set of rack toms for so long that I've gotten used to how they look. Guess that threw me off!
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Mine have two on the rack and one on the floor/bass/snare. I think they put two on the rack toms (other companies do this too) because of differing configurations. If you play a 10/12 configuration and then suddenly want to change to an 8/10 configuration or use the 12 by itself, one badge is facing the audience, regardless if it's mounted on the left or the right. Also, it makes it easier to install the badges at the factory. They don't have to use specific toms with badges in specific places for specific configurations. All toms get the same badge treatment so it takes out an extra step in the production process.

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I have a Yamaha Live Custom set. Each rack tom has two badges. I think Yamaha wants to make sure their drums are well advertised. So they put badges that can be seen from more than one direction. I think it's over kill. I bought the drums because the wood is so beautiful. I don't like the two badges. I would prefer no badges.