Stack or Aux Hats Location


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I recently put together a little stack using a Paiste PSTX Swiss Splash on top of a Zildjian Planet Z Splash in a hi-hat form. I love the thing.

I have an 8/10/12/14 3up/1down setup. I first had the stack in between the 10 and 12. Then I boomed it over to be in between the 8 and 10. Both those locations are ok, but I wanted some ideas from y'all on where you place your stack - or aux hats for that matter. I'm thinking of swinging it over by the floor tom or nestling it among my hi-hat and left crash...

Pic for layout reference:


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I have done between 10" and 12" and near the ride. I like it near the ride to get a very distinct difference in sound between the ride and stack/xhat.


I typically like a stack either straight in front of me (in the area a bass drum mounted cowbell would occupy) or slight off to the side of my ride ala Jon Theodore.


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See where Neil has his? Right there for me too.

Neil Overhead.jpg