ST Dry vs Gplus vs G14? Bright with control?


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Ok - so I currently am running ST's on a couple of my snares (Stewart Copeland 5.5 x14 COB, Tama Artwood 13x6.5 maple). They sound great, but I'm looking to bring the ringing down just a little bit. Yes, I know drums are supposed to ring. However, when I had the HD Dry on them, they were a bit too dark and I want a brighter tone.

I'm looking at these heads because I like the brightness of the ST, but need a tad bit more control before reaching for the die cast hoops.

Your fine recommendations have me considering these heads and would like to know if anyone can offer any more insight? I don't want to rely strictly on the Evans website audio clips.

The sound clip for the HD Dry sounded nothing like my snares.


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If you like the way a head performs for you and just want to take a bit of resonance away get some Moongel and put like half or a whole piece on the batter somewhere near the edge or close to the hoop obviously. I don't know how well thick heads work on your snares but I do not like it on my stock PDP. Maybe because it's a thin shell but it just creates too much ring and doesn't sound good at high tensions. So I've been sticking to the Controlled Sound X and I am currently on my second head. The dot under the head gives it a great controlled sound while being thin enough not to mute it so I can get a nice, bright, loud and clean pop to it with a very tight tension. I'm a fan of piccolo snares and have this thing cranked pretty well (at least until I get one lol.) I tried a coated Pinstripe on it and it sounded horrid! Just too thick and it muted the drum too much too soon at a high tension for what I wanted.

With that said, you could try the G14 or GPlus (same as the Ambassador X) to see if it works for you but IMO if you like the sound and only want to control the ring a bit I'd get some Moongel.
Yeah, what you say makes a lot of sense and a dab of moongel does handle it. I'm trying to stay off the moongel because the snares are also used at the home studio and I often play with drum mutes on them and don't want to stick and unstick them.

I do have a snare side die cast hoop coming via UPS right now to match the batter side die cast for the Stewart Copeland. We'll see...