Splash on Snare?


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Does the type of splash cymbal effect the sound when placed on a snare drum? I love that hip op snare sound with a splash there and looking to get one.

Are there any recommendations for an affordable/cheap splash cymba that would work for this?

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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There won't be much difference.

Small splash cymbals are cheap anyway, but you could probably get something for free that does the job.


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I tried a zildjian 6" splash on my snare and it gave me a great classy trashy effect. but would have liked a little more playing room with a little smaller cymbal. found a Paiste 2002 4" accent cymbal on amazon for $41,but not really sure if i will use it that much ? good luck


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You'd get a nice hand clap electronic type of sound. Years ago i got a Meinl 10" Drumbal. Johhny Rabb helped design these and are made to put on snares. Can get various sound out of them as well and they don't cost that much!