Spider bite hassle


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Travelling in Texas - got bitten by a spider and ended up with this. Totally lost circulation in my finger., and swelling went into my hand + up my arm. 4 hours in the emergency room of a Houston hospital, one ruined wedding ring, several injections, a ton of pills, and a lovely invoice for nearly $2,700. Possibly the most expensive spider bite ever, and now unable to play for a while. Had to stop taking some of the pills because I felt really ill on them. Bummed!!!



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Ugh, looks and sounds like quite an ordeal Andy. My wife just flew to Houston earlier this evening--I'll tell her to watch out for the spiders.


Brutal. Sorry to hear about your ring, but your hand will be ok, yes?

Matt Bo Eder

That sucks!

But in morbid fashion, that means you need a sub! Feel free to call me!



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Only $2700? You got a bargain. Welcome to 'Murca.

In all seriousness, I hope it heals quickly, Andy. Spider bites can have really serious consequences.


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KIS, that sucks. Get well.

Is it OK to make crude jokes?

Have you used it as a setup to a "Pul My Finger" gag yet? (bit by the infamous Mexican Barking Spider)
Bet your wife will be thrilled!
You could plug Prince Charles' ears with that!
Get a sharpe and write SD-1 on the side.
And so on and so forth...


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Welcome to Texas bud! Hope you are doing and feeling well. Spider bites around here can end up much worse, so I'm happy you didn't lose your finger, hand, arm, or life. Sucks about the ring and the bill though.

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Looks like you got it taken care of just in time. Sorry to hear about your spider ordeal and your American medical bill.


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Dang Andy man you really reacted to that bite-was it a Brown recluse or Black widow spider or do you know? Hopefully the swelling will reduce soon. If you didn't pay it all off, since you don't have ACA insurance, you could try and negotiate the price down-they often will do so if a hospital. Hope you're back in action soon my friend.

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Sorry you had this unfortunate occurrence while visiting our country Andy. I'm glad you were able to get medical help quick enough to prevent it from being far worse. You got to save your finger. Maybe the ring can be somehow repaired.


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Man oh man. Sorry you had to be out through that! Yeah, its that time of year now where the creepy crawlies are coming out of hiding. If I wasn't moving out of my rental house in a few days I'd have the place sprayed down. I've killed too many bugs to count.

Regardless. Best of luck to you in getting well and getting your ring fixed. Prayers.

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Ouch! That looks really painful get well soon Andy. How did you get bitten? I'm in Orlando this July will definitely be on the lookout for spiders now!


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You should do the US thing and sue the spider for damages. Or sue the state of Texas, or anyone else you might be able to blame..

I really hope it recovers well. Could have been much worse.


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I had a bite like that once and it hurts. Sorry about your pain. Medical costs are crazy to say the least. Having spent my last 15 years working in Med Supply field, I know what this stuff costs. One small titanium screw can be 1500.00. Not trying to justify it, just saying. I think I would have found a better way to remove my ring to look single while abroad though. 8+)