in the 70, s it looks like drummers use to tie nylon cord ,,,to hold there speed king beaters closer to the bass drum head,,,
could be the beginning of all todays pedal adjustment,,I’ll post the thread if I can fine it again,,
any thoughts,,,,,


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New a lot of Speed King players (myself included) .... and I never saw (or heard of) anyone doing that. Plenty of guys used to cord their bass drum to their throne, to stop bass drum creep, however.

Love to see your source on this. Interesting!!!


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OK .... I think I see what you're referring to. The cord holding down the footboard where the footboard and connecting link join. I think that's done by the guy writing this blog .... that's his pedal superimposed (labelled double-exposure) onto whatever artist he's talking about.

No one sets up their pedal this way to play it.

As far as I know ..... the Gretsch Floating Action (50's, and was made by Camco) and the Camco (1961) pedal were the first popular pedals to offer some adjustability. He's doing that to illustrate the beater (striking the batter head) angle, as well as the footboard angle, and other geometrics that he is very obsessed with.


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