Speed & how to get it...


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Hey guys, this started as a reply to another thread, but I figured I'd toss it in here as it may help some folks out. It's a note about speed and the most effective way I've found to get it:

If you want to play fast, practice no faster than you can play perfectly and consistently with the next faster tempo's technique such that you teach the body what you want it to do. After 20-40 minutes of reps near the top of your comfort zone you can almost always easily jump to the next faster tempo (of course you will eventually hit the point of diminishing returns as you approach warp speed).

Many people practice "wrong" their whole lives and live frustrated at the lack of progress. It's amazing how quickly roadblocks can be removed with a bit of guidance (like skype lessons & drumworkout.com). I find that when students make a few technical changes and retrain some hand motions, they quickly make great gains in groove, time, feel, flow, endurance and speed. (And any injuries of course are things of the past, an injury tells you that you're doing something wrong.)

And, my approach isn't really about speed or chops, it's about building relaxed musical hands where there's as much nature involved as possible and minimal player's influence on the stick. It's about getting out of your own way and learning how to most effectively manipulate the stick. Speed & chops are just natural byproducts.


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Thanks Bill ! love your lessons on VF & youtube. the "play big not hard" one really came at a perfect time w/ recent loud gigs. on this thread, i have been working the Murray Spivack 15 minute thing (singles / 3 tempos / 5 minutes, no stopping) lately every night.