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I'm writing a holiday homework essay as part of the high school English Language class about the importance of speech over writing.

...and I'm asking the drummerworld community...

What do you think is worse?:

To not be able to read and write?...or to not be able to hear and talk?.

From there I can draw a conclusion on if you think speech is more important than writing.

Bo Eder

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Tough one, because they're both important. In the early stages, speaking is important. But as they get older without the skill to read what's out there and to express themselves by written communication, life just gets very hard with limited opportunity. On different levels one is more important than the other: for the ability to live, hearing and talking are important. For the ability to make a living and to have a comfortable life, reading and writing are important.

Why do they assign these conundrums to write about? Frustrating!


"Uncle Larry"
So what you're asking is, is it worse to be

A. Deaf and dumb


B. Illiterate with no writing skills?

I'd rather be the B guy, those skills can always be learned. Plus I could ask someone to teach me. The A guy is far worse off, no contest. You can't learn how to hear.


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Intresting question. I don't really have an answer to which I'd perfer over the other. To me they are simply communication barriers. If a person can't read, they can still learn by people reading to them or books on tape or something. Not being able to hear or speak, then you would learn to read and write very well and use sign language. There's so many ways to communicate to each other that neither really hinders a person too badly. That's not to say that life choices wouldn't changed by these restricitons, cause lets face it, it'd be REALLY tough to learn to play music you couldn't hear.


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Personally, I'd rather read/write then speak, speaking requires someone to talk to, writing doesn't.
Not be able to hear/talk is definitely the worst. Imagine not being able to her the voice of your first son or daughter. All the good music you can`t listen to. Not being able to go to concerts.

You can always learning listen to audiobooks, tv programs etc...
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