Special or odd dates that you've had a gig


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I have a database of all the gigs I've ever played - all of them! - so it's easy to sort special dates that I've played. Mine are:

Birthday (Aug 18) - 18 gigs
Leap year Feb 29 - 5
July 4 - 13
Halloween gigs - 10
Christmas - 0
New Year's Eve - 19

How many of each type have you done?

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Off the top of my head we've been lucky enough to play 4th of July gigs in Japan, Ramstein air base in Germany twice, and Aviano air base in Italy. Another 4th of July was at a casino in Phoenix.
Christmas day of 2009 we had a gig at the Hard Rock Cafe in Saigon, Vietnam. (Part of a two month residency) Christmas day of 2019 we played a kickass show at Camp Beuring in Kuwait.
I think we've played on my birthday at least once. We've played on Halloween more than once, but the one that stands out was playing a Halloween show at a place in Austria called Roter Gugl.
Same with New Year's Eve...I'm sure we've played a few, but the ones that stand out are 2009 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Vietnam and then this most recent one in Amman, Jordan.


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Plenty of Halloween dates, but usually for adults out on the town, it's celebrated the Fri. & Sat. night prior rather than right on the 31st, so I don't know how many I've played on that exact date (got it booked already this year, though). I've had a few NYE dates as well, since a lot of folks are off work the next day; considerably less for July 4, since that's usually the day those who get a day off for that holiday are off, rather than the next day. My extremely forgiving wife is cool with gigs booked on our anniversary, her birthday, etc- a lot of our friends usually attend, so it's a fun night out, and we can have our private celebration the day before or after.


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I've twice played gigs on our wedding anniversary because of my date "forgetfulness", & the fee earned absolutely did not cover the "costs" incurred :(

I'm terrible with date memory. I now have my home insurance policy set to renew on our wedding anniversary so I get an external automatic reminder every year!


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Lost count of New Years bookings. Boxing Day is getting quite popular too.

I have one on my wedding anniversary this year, I got us tickets to see Kiss in Prague and few days of good food and drink......crisis averted! I'm lucky, my wife is Fonzy cool, plus she's buggering off to Vienna and the Isle of Wight festival without me!

Another strange one is when there's a Euros or the World Cup on. The money is nice but you might as well not bother. The country stops.
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Only did July 4th. We were like the house band for this one particular bar 4-5 years in a row. The first year went so well they kept asking us back.


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New Year’s Eve, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, 4th of July.

The Valentine’s Day gifs were/are the most fun; New Year’s Eve the least.


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back in the 90's, the one band I played in always played on Super Bowl Sunday...on purpose. We would have a Super Bowl rock show that people always came out to.Most people hated playing on SB Sunday

the same band also would play the Weds before Thanksgiving, which was always dead, but our small group of freinds would come out, and it was like a cool hang and sort of a "Dress rehearsal".

not a weird gig, but I was in the studio the morning of 9/11, and our guitar players wife was in one of the towers on business. We definitely stopped the session and watched horrified. It was before cell phones really, so she had called him on her office phone right after the first plane hit. They were talking and then she got cut off....the building collapsed later. So we just stayed with him the rest of the day. He did not hear from her for 2 days, but she survived.

I have played 2 gigs in the winter where the weather got bad during the show, and we ended up being snowed in to the club until the next morning


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I don't know.. I'd have to search through all my email lists. Basically one email draft of all the gigs for that year.

I will say I've played many corporate Xmas parties and they were mostly awful! It seems the people show up for their free dinner and awards and spend most of the time huddled at the back of the room talking among themselves. After dinner they mostly leave or stay in their huddle. I played one good one in a huge ball room for IBM - but that was a rare one .. and I still got stiffed $25 for parking! I think that one was fun because the 1000+ people that attended paid for their own tickets and food etc.

Edit: I just realized the reason many of the corporate Xmas parties are so dull is that it's a free dinner for employees in some cases.. so co-workers may not want to dance with each other.. but in the IBM case they all brought wives etc..so the floor was packed all night..

NYE is a different story - people are there to party and usually the dance floor is filled from the first song in.. played lots of those but this year we tried something different - we rented a big house for 20 people for 3 days and played our own party! It was a blast..

Lots of birthday parties, weddings, golf course events and corporate conference stuff (like the tonight show band)... and then there's galas and balls that come around every year.
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Man.... Now I'm gonna have to try and remember this stuff?

Birthday (Jan 10) - 2/3?
Leap year Feb 29 - ?
July 4 - 2/3?
Halloween gigs - All of them?
Christmas - 0
New Year's Eve - 3 off the top of my head... maybe more

*I doubt the accuracy of any of the above numbers*


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We played a club on the same date as the Kentucky Derby, the same club as the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao fight and it absolutely dead both times because they didn't show the events...even though 1) They're a sports bar, and 2) the KY isn't a pay-per-view event.

I've done Halloween, NYE, Labor Day, July 4th, Memorial Day each a few times.

This year, we're doing a new date: Wednesday, April 15th - tax day!


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Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about the times we had to delay starting a set due to big NCAA basketball games showing on the bar's televisions... Here in the Triangle area of NC, UNC/Duke games or any time either of their or NC State's tournament games are on TV, no one's tryin' to hear any music.

Go Tarheels! (If you wanna talk smack about UNC's hoops season this year: 1. It's kinda justified, and 2. Take it to the Off-Topic forum. :) )


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I often play St.Patties Day.. my roots go back to Scotland and Britain.. but it's fun to get yer Irish on for a day!

The oddest event I played was the annual Food Bank drive.. we were asked to entertain the volunteers.. so we get there and we were on a stage high above a gigantic warehouse type hall - and the floor below was a sea of conveyer belts with volunteers sorting out baskets of food. Totally weird!


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The cover band I was in a few years ago was asked to play in a pub in the middle of nowhere......the theme of the night was "The Ugliest Jumper".

It was in a town of about 10 people.

The town was a wheat farming town.

People in the crowd were wearing the most hideous knitted jumpers, sweaters, Christmas themed knitted dealies made by granny....and so on.

The ironic thing was the prize money for the ugliest jumper was $500!!!

The dude that won it truly did deserve to win.......it was ghastly.

The turn out was amazing, I think all the neighbouring towns came for that gig.


Tir Na Nog Irish pub, Daytona Beach FL.

Equally the coolest and grossest little dive bar you've ever been too... Open since the 80s and they just got a ceiling last year (not kidding). One of the only venues in the area that not only welcomes original music but specifically requests little to no covers.

In my first year living in Florida (I'm from PA) I was in an experimental dub trio and we booked said pub for New year's eve. This place is hit or miss, with no rhyme or reason whatsoever it could be packed shoulder to shoulder OR just your bandmates and the bartender. This was one of those especially 'dead' nights and the total attendance consisted of my band of 3, 2 wives, 1 bartender, and maybe 1-2 random walk-in's throughout the 3 hours/2 sets we did. We were bummed at first but then we looked at it a different way: we got a whole bar to ourselves, free beer all night (venue perk for bands), paid $75 (their minimum on 'no sale' nights), and got to play whatever music we wanted as loud and late as we wanted. If we wanted to rent out a bar in this area for a private party it would have cost us $1000+ lol.

A different band I was in was asked to play a large Comic Con in the Jacksonville area. They put the music after the event was over so everyone left and we thought we drove over an hour and set up our full (theatrical) get out for no reason at all. We played about 5 songs to 5 people before saying "eff it" and decided to pack up. All of a sudden all of the 'famous' people in attendance (voice actors, stuntmen/women, etc) came back over, hammered, from the bar across the street to which we rapidly set back up and ran our entire 12 song set to a fantastic reception. Met a voice actor from prominent 90s Nickelodeon cartoons, the lead stunt woman from Black Panther, and a few others. Really cool night.

When I was 16 I played in a loud screamo band and a local firehouse was hosting a benefit for a child in the town who had cancer. They asked a few bands to play, mostly older gents playing country and classic rock. We told them flat out that we are loud, obnoxious, and not a fit for the venue/situation AT ALL. They told us they didn't care and had us anyway. About 30 seconds into our first song a random guy at a dinner table walked up and just turned the pa off lol. Luckily our singer also played sax and began belting as hard as he possibly could un-mic'ed. We finished that song, realized it wasn't going over well, played one more short song before thanking everyone and apologizing and packed up our gear. We were so loud that the poor sick child had to be taken outside (We did warn them of this and even played quieter then usual. If an old age home books Slayer, do you blame the band or the venue?). Within six months of said gig word got around that the child made it through his treatment successfully and got a clean bill of health... To which my a-hole cousin (guitar player in said band) proceeded to say, "well, on a positive note... Sounds like we rocked the cancer right out of him!"


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Played a gig for a summer fair, outside, and while playing, a lady approached the band and asked if we could do a party that night at her house. Food, beverage, and back in 1966, $35.00 per man, 6 of us. We were all over her beach house, first floor since no one room would hold us all. We could see each other but spread out. We played like 7PM to1AM and if I remember there were many tips to go around. Great time.