Special effect item can't figure out what it is


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My mind is drawing a total blank. Talking with a buddy tonight he was telling me about this thing a drummer used at a Christmas play he went to the other night. He said the drummer swung what looked like a piece of wood on the end of a string over his head and it made a low pitch whir/noise. I know I've seen one before but can't remeber what it is.


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Bullroarers are thin tear-shaped pieces of wood attached to a long cord.

To use a bullroarer, spin it around it's own axis, holding the end of the string in a big circle above your head. If done correctly the bullroarer will produce an eerie whirring sound that carries well in the barren landscape of Australia.

It's said that bullroarers were used in secret Aboriginal ceremonies. Other people believe bullroarers were used as the Aboriginal 'bush telephone', to communicate over long distances.