Speaking of tuning....


"Uncle Larry"
My batters were not that loose before. I considered them medium to medium tight. 75 on a drum dial for 10 mil single ply clear heads. Now, I consider the batters to be tuned tight. You said the first distinguishable pitch on your 12" tom is a D. Well I was probably an octave (or 2?) up from that after tuning them tight.

The thing is, even though I consider this a jazz tuning, they still don't sound like jazz drums to me from out front. They still sound deep. Which means I could tighten them even further. Which I won't do because I like the deep sound, it's not a jazz band.

It's just another seemingly backwards thing with drums. Like less is more. Higher tunings sound fuller out front unmiced than deeper tunings do. Backwards. Again, from the throne, they sound way too high and a little choked. The tone is not what I would call nice. It's a complete illusion though. I'm not tuning so it sounds good to me anymore, that would be nice, but you can't have it both ways unmiced apparently. It's out in the audience where I want it to sound full and deep. If I have to sacrifice good throne tone for good audience tone, so be it.