speaker purchase advice?


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Hi folks, does anyone have any experience with fairly low end powered speakers? I’m buying an xmas gift for someone…she wants a stereo/ music system. She said she wants it to “sound good” but I don’t think she appreciates that sounding good to me would mean spending a considerable amount of money. So.. I’m looking in the £80 - £130 price range and it seems powered Bluetooth speakers like Edifier R1280DB or R1700BT might be the way to go. I imagine these will have a better sound than any Micro HiFi system at this price?

I’ve seen a pair of JVC (XS-D629BM) which are a lot cheaper (£80), they have 60w output.

Would love some opinion/ comments on my predicament from you guys! :)


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I would start with what is she using to power the system. What kind of amp. Power output, etc. before buying speakers.


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I would start with what is she using to power the system. What kind of amp. Power output, etc. before buying speakers.

She has nothing currently - no system at all!

So I arrived at the conclusion of active/powered speakers (i.e. have amp built in) with Bluetooth, so she can simply stream music straight to the speakers

I'm just a bit unsure as to the quality of these within my budget constraints!


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I had a similar situation a few years ago. Couldn't justify the price of an Apple Homepod, wife needed something with a ~$100 budget. I ended up going with Sony. I found a local Bestbuy deal on an SRS-HG1 for $120.

My personal review? Not horrible. It paired fine with her iPhone. It punches well above it's weight.

I'm sure that their newer models are probably marginally better.


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I bought my wife this one a couple of years ago. Mental Beats
It is not bad at all. Quite loud and the bluetooth works well. She uses it around the pool or when cleaning house. Pairs well with the iphone and the battery life has been sufficient.

I bought this one several years ago for use in my office SoundFreaq

This one has very good sound quality for what it is, has a remote, bluetooth, and plays am/fm as well. Many other features you will see listed. No battery operation I don't believe, but I have been very pleased with this one over all.

Sorry but I just had a look and it seems the SoundFreaq is only available used... They do have other equivalent models however. They would be worth a look. Reviews of users and industry seem to be good.