Spd-sx usb not working I think?


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hey there, I'm new to this forum, and was hoping someone might know what problem im having with my sample pad...

I bought this used and have been trying to load samples (directly plugged into my macbook and with a flash drive) and the spdsx doesn't seem to recognize there is anything plugged into it (it doesn't show up on my computer either). I watched some videos and as soon as these other people plug a usb into it the spdsx recognizes it.. mine does not do this, which makes it impossible to load samples.

I thought I should reset it to factory settings but of course to do that, you need to load a file onto a flash drive and plug it into the sample pad.

needless to say im pretty frustrated and have just been going in circles... I would REALLY appreciate it if anyone had any knowledge of this problem.

thank you!!!!


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Check the formatting of the flash drive, make sure it's exFat so it's compatible with Mac & PC. That never used to be a thing, but I've seen it recently between laptops.



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Are you using the SPD-SX application for loading & arranging samples? There are two versions, one from Roland, one from a dude in Switzerland (and it works well).