SPD SX High Pads Issue

Fuori Fuoco

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Hi Everybody,

in my SPD SX I realized that the "high" pads (that ones that cover the high angled edge ) are really less sensible that the other six "plain" pads.

If I strike with my stick one of the plain pads with a low dinamyc stroke it sound perfectly in a low volume, but if the same dynamic I strike one of the three top pads it doesn't sound!!!

It have to be stroke harder to make some noise.

Is it normal?

Should I sent my machine back to the Roland assistance?

Thanks for any suggestion


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I've noticed the same with mine, and I'll guess part of the reason may be that those are thicker pads, and need more velocity to trigger the sound.

I'd suggest either using those pads in a different way - not trying to play dynamically on them - or change their sensitivity so they respond more like the flat pads (or chage the flat pads' sensitivity to match the top 3 pads.)

Good luck,



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The Yamaha Multi-12 is the same way. The upper and lower three smaller pads are less sensitive than the inner 6 larger ones. There is one less sensitivity setting for them also.
Yamaha says this is normal.

I know it's not info directly related to the SX, but they're probably somewhat similar in the workings of the pads.


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It's older brother the SPD-S is the same. Seems to be the case for these 'edge trigger' type pads. I reserve mine for one hit/one dynamic types of sounds (gong, concert bass drum, FX) and more sensitive stuff for the 6 other pads.

You can also use these high pads for utility stuff like advancing patches or starting a loop.


hi, changing the sensitivity will help, but I have also found changing the angel of the spsx (so changing the angle the stick hits) will effect it considerably.
if its still an issue I would suggest adding a BT1 or other "external" pads.. and using them instead of the top 3 pads. .. you can pick up cheap rubber pads all over ebay.



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TL;DR: I've alleviated this issue by using Silicon Grease on the underside of the pads.

Hi SPD-SXers,

I just picked one of these up secondhand. I'm loving it 🥁

A little late in the piece on this thread but...
I shared this issue of the 'shoulder pads' (Pads 1-3) lacking in sensitivity (Pad 3 in particular for some reason). Even after changing software settings... sensitivity up & threshold down... sensitivity was still crappy.

I've managed to improve sensitivity significantly by removing the top rubber pad (which comes off surprisingly easily) and rubbing Silicon Grease (aka Dielectric Grease) on the underside of the problem pads. I only used a very small amount & it works great now. The pads are basically as sensitive as all the others & the striking angle is much less fussy too. I also used the grease on the little rubber nipples that hold the pad in place to be able to get it back on to the unit. It's basically impossible to get it back on without the grease, unless you want to take the whole thing apart & pull them through from the underside. I got the tip to use silicon grease to get the pad back on from a Youtube commenter on a video of the pad replacement here:
The video hopefully helps explain all of the above too.

Hope this helps!

Disclaimer: I've just done this recently so there could be long term implications. Follow the above at your own risk. Silicon grease it designed to preserve rubber & is an electrical insulator so personally I feel confident that it will be fine. I'll definitely report back if any issues arise though (y)
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