Spare parts bag for concerts


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Hello guys,
I was wondering if you are used to preparing a bag of parts, spare or tools when you plan a concert ?
Screws, tools, lamp, spare head, gaffa tape, felts, ????

I have had bad memory of concerts with snare wires problems (2 times . . . Unlucky) so, even if it's cumbersome, I take a spare snare wire, one or two felts, a spare hi-hat clutch and moon gels... I guess I should take an hexa key too.

What do you often take with you, just in case ?
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In addition to spare parts, you want to take - spare drums.

Specifically, a spare snare.

My spares are things like: second bass pedal, second snare, second HH clutch. If you are heavy hitter, add a spare BD batter.


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I have a small plastic storage box I take with me to most gigs. It has spare cymbal felts, sleeves, washers, wingnuts, a pair of pliers, an extra multi-clamp, tape, earplugs, snare twine, bass drum patches, and spare hi-hat clutch and kick drum beaters.

Oddly, I usually don't take a spare snare drum. I don't break snare drum heads often, if at all (once in the last 20 years as memory serves). I do keep a snare head in the car, but I think that's superstition on my part.

One of my bands, the bass player has basically a full music store in his van. One time I had a cymbal stand height adjustment wingscrew strip out. I was going to tape it up and roll with it, but he had a spare cymbal stand in his rig that he ended up giving to me. On those gigs, I feel like I would have to have some serious sort of meltdown to be knocked out of action.


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I’m always very anxious about my equipment before gigs. I giged yesterday, i must have double or triple checked I hadn’t forgot anything (essential stuff like snare stand or stick bag !).
I took a spare snare wire plus twine, a spare clutch spare beater and a spare snare head even if I never break any.
At gigs, there’s often bad surprises. This time it was a Mxr pedal that refused to switch on. :-(


I allways bring an extra snare drum, bass drum pedal and bass drum head with me onto the stage. In addition I bring my little "emergency box" containing different cymbal felts and sleeves, screws, bolts, washers etc., a flashlight, extra drumkey, hi hat clutch and gaffa tape. Oh, and extra sticks...


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I'm really good about bringing spare everything on a tour. Wires, heads, sticks, pedals, basic hardware, full set of cymbals, felts, lugs, rods, fasteners, snare on a stand ready to swap out.... basically anything I might need on the spot during a performance, or that would be difficult to obtain on less than a day's notice.

However, I'm rather unprepared on local gigs. I have a spare pedal and sticks that stay in the car, and that's about it. I suppose I've been very lucky that my worst problem is an occasional dropped or broken stick. I just don't rock as hard in my local bands as I do on the road, and I've never had an equipment failure.

I need to stress the luck factor there, I don't recommend that anyone goes around as unprepared as I do. I'm sure it will catch up with me some day, and then I'll start bringing a spare of that item with me.


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I don't really tour.

My stickbag always has rods, screwss, springs, felts, cymbal sleeves, all the small pedal stuff and so on..

I've never really needed anything.

I'd bring a BD head or at least one of those Aquarioan patches and a clutch if it was several gigs in a row.

I always have an extra snare or even two, mainly because I sometimes use two or don't know what will work, but I guess that automatically gives me a spare. both snare and stand.


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I guess I'm not the lucky type, I got twice the snare twine problem (during concert),
It's like flat tyres, it's always by night or during rainy days (or both).
something I was totally unprepared : a broken chain on the hihat pedal ! Fortunately it was during a rehearsal. I don't even know it could happen : Tama road pro line, not beaten up. During a gig it would have been a pity. I was really upset after Tama, because it was a link weakness.
Since that day I really check and double check before gigs, and think more about spare parts. Yet I hit hard but I'm not a 'hard' player.
Some mentioned, extra sticks, I don't think one drummer ever goes to a gig with just one pair ! ;-)

Bo Eder

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I don't tour either, but I like to think I do ;)

I keep an entire set of spare heads (batters only) in the car. And I carry an extra snare drum, and extra bass drum pedal. I usually have enough sticks and keys in my stick bag, and I carry an extra hi-hat clutch and bass drum beater in my cymbal bag pouch. Since I'm always setting up and tearing down my own stuff, I've never had to replace cymbals foams or wing nuts - nothing really disappears from me for some reason.


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Not a touring pro by any means, but here in Central Florida, it's not uncommon to have gigs anywhere from Orlando to Daytona and Tampa.

That being said, I like to travel with my little roadie box I bought from a local home supply store. In it I can carry all the tools, felts, snares and stuff that I'll need. It has containers in it that I can move around and adjust.

I also carry spare batter heads and an extra snare drum and bass drum pedal.

Funny thing is, that I've never needed much of anything, though it's good to be prepared just in case.


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I never even had a stick bag until I was in my 30s (and I played A LOT in my 20s). I remember at one gig, I only have three drum sticks...and I broke one during sound check.

These days, the only extra things I bring are extra sticks, a spare hi-hat clutch, and "studio rings."

I have a drummer friend who brings a "guitarist's box of shame." Not only does he carry all of his drums stuff AND a PA system, he also brings a box that has guitar strings, a guitar strap, capo, and picks. Why? Because guitar players are neanderthals.


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YouTuber rdavidr did a video on this very thing.
Very instructive.

I for one have a small tool box under the floor tom that has a variety of things I'd need on a gig. Short of a spare drum or heads, it has about everything else.

I'm blessed that I've never had a major equipment failure at a show (knock on wood) so my tool kit was built accordingly.
However, I never leave home without it.


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Zildjian and Gibraltar have a nice little bag of felts and assorted bits. I keep that and a few other bits and bobs in a pocket in my hardware bag. I also have another small bag for cords and stuff, and in it I have 2 drum keys, a container of moon gels, a multi tool, a small flash light, and a capo. that's pretty much it for my local bar band touring life. I've never carried an extra snare around, I tend to change my heads relatively reqularly, so they are usually in pretty good shape. I used to carry a spare snare skin, but don't bother any more. I also try to do pretty regular tuning and cleaning at home, so I like to think I'll spot potential issues well in advance.

That being said, when I arrived at my gig on Saturday night to set up, I discovered my bass drum reso hoop was cracked right through, which is disappointing. Drum was fine for the gig, but its going to be a little difficult to replace, the hoop is colour matched to the drum, and it's an odd matt silver.


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I've at one time or another experienced just about every kind of equiptment failure you could imagine. From cymbal stands collapsing, to bass drum pedals folding up on me in the middle of a song (stupid JoJo pedal)...yet, I've never really felt compelled to bring a ton of "spare stuff" with me to gigs. For me, I try to bring as little equipment as possible to most gigs, especially one nighters where I'm lugging my own gear. I wouldn't even consider lugging a second pedal or snare drum...most of the time I debate with myself over a second cymbal stand.
With that said, I do however carry a few essential things in my stick or cymbal bag that can usually address any normal equiptment issues.
1) Tape. I usually carry both duct tape and electrical tape with me. If duct tape cant fix it on the fly, nothing can.
2) Multi Tool. Something that has a few screw drivers, allen wrenches and pliers is very helpful.
3) Extra Snare Head. I've actually never needed to use it, but a good thing to throw in your cymbal bag considering it takes up very little room.

I really cant imagine too many normal gigging scenarios that these things couldn't get me through...they arent ideal, but they'll get the job done.


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I've NEVER had an equipment malfunction (knock on birch) but I have a ziplock baggie of spare parts that include: hi-hat clutch, cymbal nut (Tama Quick Set), felts, tiny Allen wrench for DW pedal beater), tape. I don't have extra wing screws, washers, lug bolts, etc....but I probably should.

I have never broken a head or pedal in my entire life, but I bring an extra snare and pedal that are left in the car. Also I try to remember to bring a bass drum head to leave in car JUST in case.


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I've been living dangerously, lol. I have some small spare parts in the various zippered pockets of my cymbal and snare bag like clutch, tension rods, snare cord, beater, etc. But I don't bring a spare snare or pedal. I have an extra head in my snare bag though.

Maybe I should pack a second pedal...that would stop a show cold if it were to break.


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I usually take two snares to a gig. I use the one that sounds best in the room for the gig, and keep the other as a spare (I learned that from someone here)

I also take one of those kick repair patches or a spare kick head, and a few small bits in case of breakages - multi tool, hose clip, tape etc.

Funny though, the only thing that's ever broken (so far) on stage is a kick head, during soundcheck.


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Spare everything except pedals and throne. I can use a regular chair if my seat takes a crap on me, or me on it.



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Keep the essentials:

* Felts
* Clutch
* Ribbon for snares
* Wing nuts
* Earplugs
* Different weight sticks

If I had a roadie I'd take a spare snare.