SP5K DD1 the same?Sound problem.Any other owners?


Made by Medeli?
The modules are the exact same layout,just ones black and ones red.
All the buttons and inputs are even in the same configuration.Kinda glad I didn't drop a bunch of $$$ into a new DD1 after reading the reviews.I love my Ddrum Journeyman 1up 2down,but I read Ddrum really dropped the ball on their electronic stuff.

I got an SD5K from a buddy for $100 cuz the kick trigger was blown,replaced the disc inside($1 piezo off ebay,same thing that came out of it.)That's not the prob tho.
Even before I messed w/ the kick trigger all the toms and cymbals did was make a fizzle sound.When he had it hooked up it sounded like crap,but atleast played and made close to a drum sound.
Is my module blown?I was using an Alesis power supply,but it was the same 9v rating.
I have the specific one coming today,hoping that will help.And read the manual!lol!

Anyone else own one of these glorified practice pad kits?
I got it to practice w/ the desktop computer,either way it was cheaper than a new practice pad kit.And I'm at the point on drumchannel I need a kit.My acoustic kit would take way too long to set up.
I always screw myself trying to save a buck.Check the pics,sorry for the crappy sd5k,its all I could find.