Sounds for electric drum kits


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Hey, I've got a question about electric drum sets. Is it possible to download sounds from a program or something and transfer it to the kit to use it in the User kit slots? Because I would like to have another bass drum sound on the hi hat controller :)

Or just some way to be able to play with double bass pedals without buying one.
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You can just re-assign the hi-hat pedal to play a bass drum sound. No need to download more sounds.

But the original question, yes, you can download sounds for the Roland kits. You need a Roland memory card, and a way to load the sounds on to the card. I've never done it myself, but it is possible. I don't know about other brands.


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Oh sweet, but how do I re-assign it then? :O The module doesn't have a kit with double bass pedal.


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I have a basic E-kit at home, just for practising is all nothing fancy,
AS the last poster said ya can assign sounds to the hi-hat controller to get a second bass sound..
how ever the hi hat controller is different to a bass pedal ( well in my kit it is) so I would say it would be difficult enough to get a even flow with your feet (any Double bassers out there?)

I'd recommend getting a cheap ass double kick pedal if its for a E-kit.. I use my own double kicks on my kit and it works fine

For sound downloads etc.. if anyone have come across EZ Drummer, As far as I know you can hook up your kit to your PC with a Midi/USB cable and use EZ to give you a more realistic sounding Kit..

I must try it myself!

BTW Hi I'm new to the forums.. it feels like home :)