Soundman controlling gig?


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Thought I would get you input/thoughts on this.

Our band played a gig at a club for the 2nd time.The club gets new bands in on friday's,if they do well enough you can get booked for saturdays which are better attended and pay better.both sat and fri night bands are expected to play dance music during breaks,the fri schedule is posted on the bars website and they were very specific about set up time and that you started on time,and took 15 breaks.The guys voted to hire sound,so away we go.

The sound guy has ran sound for bands there on saturdays and he seemed to know the manager and staff.He is playing the dance music between sets for us.

At the end of the set we have to go find him to start the between set music

We do our first set take our 15 min break and come back on,he tells us 1 more song,so we wait,

begin 3rd set and says 2 more songs,so we wait.

We are supposed to to play till one,at 12:26 he tells us it is OK to stop,we tell him we will play till one.

back for 4th set he says two more songs,we get on stage to start,and he plays another tune and holds up 4 fingers indicating 4 more minutes.

None of the other guys in this band combined have the stage experience I do,one or two were a little miffed.I was incredulous.

We were paying this guy,not the club,am I wrong thinking this was bass ackwards?