Soundbrenner Core Review - Anyone?


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I found a post for the Soundbrenner Pulse, but not one for the Core so here it is!

Main concern for me is having something on me at all times when I'm playing music to monitor decibels to help keep the maximum safe volume going into my ears and knowing when I need to throw ear plugs in (and which db attenuation I should use as I have a -15 and a -25 set).

My questions are:
- Weight - The unit looks heavy. I wear the larger size Apple Watch and the Core looks like it may be considerably heavier than that. Does anyone have any feedback on that weight comparison.
- Tuner - Is there any way for the tuner to simply read out what pitch it hears, say if you're practicing vocals and want to use it as a pitch barometer?
- Is it glitchy/buggy/poorly conceived? In general I don't like purchasing Version 1 of anything that's new and that doesn't have any competition. How much room for improvement is there with this watch?

Here are the features I'm probably holding out for in an expensive product like this one:
- Tempo meter - I'd love for this watch to be able to monitor tempo and display the current bpm.
- Song Count-Ins - I'd love for the option to have the watch start a tempo (based on the song) and then have the click/metronome drop out but display the current tempo that's being played.
- In addition to the contact tuner, it would be great if it could determine pitch through listening
- The above might make drum tuning really nice as well
- Bluetooth (or some other connection type) device/ear plug to go in ear and deliver a click sound.

To me it sounds like a great product for all the musicians but it needs some more features and work to really be a drummers solution. The suggestions I have above already exist in other apps so hopefully these will make their way to Soundbrenner eventually...

As a side note to soundbrenner since they seem to poke their heads in once in a while.
I'll be happy to work with you on testing/implementing the above features. :)
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Soundbrenner Core Steel..jpg

I will try to unbox & mess with it in next couple days. Don't know why I bought it. I'm perfectly happy with my Boss DB-90:

Boss DB-90.jpg