Sound I pounce at the chance to own an 18" Wuhan China for $18?


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What have you got to lose by forking out $18? If you don't like it you can flip if for $25 and buy yourself a beer and pretzels.

Unless it's completely which case I wouldn't bother at any price.


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A Wuhan China will blow away the bargain cymbal lines of the major manufacturers. $30 is a great price. Do it.

Would you rather have a China made in China or by some off-shoot Turkish ex-pat's descendents living in Canada who have a decades old grudge against the rest of their family who lives in Boston?


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I went on vacation to Vegas (from Canada) one time, and stopped at guitar works. Found a 12" Agazarian (wuhan clone) for $30 bucks and thought "holy crap! what a steal!"

a 12" wuhan is at least $65 up here, so an 18" for $30... that's chump change


Wuhan makes some fantastic chinas. Quite frankly they are probably some of if not the best regardless of price. Neil Peart played one for years prior to his custom line being created at Sabian. You can't go wrong especially at that price.


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I bought a cracked Meinl MB20 Rock China for $30 and I think it sounds better than most every Wuhan cymbal I've played.

but if it's your bag, then go for it.


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I got a pair of 12" Wuhan cymbals - one a splash and the other a China - for Christmas years ago. I don't use either of them very often, but they aren't bad at all. I don't even like China's very much but I have to admit. the little Wuhan has a nice sound.