Sound guy vs. jazz drummer, & other funny robot stuff


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why is it that sounded like somebody just had a computer read abut 50 of these threads?

although the high tech robot talking all technical to the cardboard box loser robot was funny.......


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I do some of these myself... fun and makes time go by. Right now (inspired by these clips) I'm compiling some of my worst session nightmares into one conversation. Didn't see one of those clips on there, but you never can tell.


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I have had this conversation with a so called "Sound Engineer" when he saw one of my small kits.
He said, (his very words) "You're going to play that little kit on this big stage? You've got to be kidding"

He then tried to make my beautiful 14 x 18 inch bass drum sound like a 20 x 26 inch and my 5 x 13 snare sound like an 8 x 14 until I told him to stop.
It took me a few mins to explain to him that we didn't want to sound like a Metal Band. We didn't play that type of music.
We have an acoustic Guitar and a Mandolin in the band.
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Oh my god, my stomach hurts. I just watched like 10 of these videos and posted the s*** out of them on my friends fb pages. Great stuff... I love the jazz robots. The Berklee one is awesome as well.


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Oh yea, I've set up and ran sound at many jazz gigs or festivals.

Sorry Dennis, I didn't post this to reflect in any way on some of the talented sound alchemists on this forum, including you. This is just a funny poke at some of the pretenders that jump on the bandwagon. Respect, Andy.

Kenny Allyn

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The line that got me was at the end ...

RE: the DI box for the bass player. at least drummers get mics, even guitar players get mics! I actually played a gig once at a Hard Rock Cafe no less where in writing we were quaranteed a full backline, yeah everything BUT the bass rig! You guessed it played through a cheap DI box throught 10" wedge monitors, to me the bass is going plink,plink. plink out front it's massive BOOM (not my sound)

I guess "triggers" are just as bad though

And yes and I got the same line ... "Don't worry dude it's gonna sound great"