Sound engineers creating kick tone.

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Unions are tuff to work with at But i've been on both sides and i'm willing to bend.
No offense Scorpio, but just because your drums sound good on stage where you sit doesn't mean they'll sound good out front. If your that critical about your sound do you bring your own mics? Mics make a huge difference and Sound Engineers have there own prefference of what they use. Each FOH Desk is different also. Mic pre's make a HUGE diff. You can have the same Sound Engineer run two different systems in the same venue and it would sound different. If your looking for your sound being the same every gig, maybe you should carry your own gear.
I understand where your comming from about hard headed sound engineers, but now a days everyones a "sound engineer"! Just be a drummer and let them do their job. There's always going to be good and bad gigs. There's no way your drums sound the same on every stage you play. Live stages and dead stages... Two different worlds.

Just saying.
I'm assuming you and Dennis mean some sort of sound-tech union? I would love to learn more.

No offense taken Flicky. I am aware of the difference in sound from behind the kit vs. the house. Unless I know the engineer and venue well, I always go out and listen to someone else play my kit.

I do bring my own mics, but most of the time the back line stuff is perfect. But it never hurts to have them just in case haha.

I never expect the exact same sound at every gig. I agree with you, that's impossible. But I will try and get the best sound possible at every gig. I take pride in the work that I put into getting a good drum sound, and if I feel like that sound is not being represented in the best way possible, I will stand up for it.



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Cool. There are venues where every one who works there is part of the union.. They make union scale pay. lots of rules and certain people only do certain things. Ex..It's rare to see a person from the lighting crew help a stage tech, or a monitor tech help a FOH engineer. It's not part of their job so they just stand there and watch.. lol But I think Union venues are more organized than non union ones.. Just my opinion
Thats good that you bring your own mics. I do too and I always adjust the mics working with the engineers. lol
I bet that 28" sounds great!

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Sorry Flicky I forgot to respond to your post. Whoops! Thanks for that information!

I haven't heard them play live yet (our gigs usually fall on the same night), and our bands have met each other a few times in passing as they play a lot of the same turf we do. I've seen a few of their videos (really tight and super fun. And they have their own system:)) and they have a great reputation around here.

I live in Bainbridge, GA which is about an hour north of Tallahassee, FL. I play mostly around Tallahassee and during season, around the coast from Pensacola to Seaside.

Hope you're well