Sound Design, Engineering, and College


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I'm a junior in high school thinking about going to college to study in sound engineering and design. I won't name names of colleges just yet, but one specif one I'm looking at has a great program in what I want to do. I spent last summer interning in a studio run by a friend of my drum teachers. It was a cool experience - the guy knew all the big musicians in Philly, I watched what went on during sessions and it is something I really want to make a living off of. However, I'm leaning much farther towards the TV and Film side of audio engineering. I just don't think I'm just too judgmental of other bands lol. Anyway, I've reasoned that I'm not likely to become a rockstar,and I much prefer a steady job and paycheck to the unsure life of a musician trying to break into the industry. Furthermore, I'm also thinking maybe I'll just get a corporate job in business, or marketing. Or maybe I'll open a store, be an entrepreneur, or study music business.

Does anyone do or know anyone in the sound design for TV and Film industry, or even video game sound, or is it is better bet to just conform and work in an office, and play drum semi-professionally?


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There have been several threads on this, so it might help you to read around.

The basic conclusion is being a sound engineer in music is a tough life, more people want to do it than there really is demand for it, so it results in long hours and low pay.

However, I do think TV and Film side of audio engineering is different. That market isn't quite as crowded with people thinking they're going to be the next rockstar producer. And while music engineers have to complete with every band can now buy their own recording gear and don't necessarily need a studio, TV/film engineers don't have that problem because actors aren't going to be mixing their own productions. There are hundreds of tv channels out there, and they need content, and all those shows need a sound guy.

The pitfalls are TV and movie work is always project based. My friend did sound work in TV. If he got hired a show, and the network picked it up for the season, he has a job. If three shows in, the network cancels the show, he's out until next season. Some shows may last years, others may last weeks. You never know.


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I'm a junior in college, I am majoring in Marketing but not to conform to a boring desk job lol. There is a lo to the field including Music Marketing. It's something I am excited about doing and I think that's the key. Don't do what you think is just conformoing do what you WANT to do. That being said I am also still playing drums pretty much full time. It takes a lot of time dedication but I would love to be a professional musician. The time it takes to get my degree gives me the opportunity to chase that dream and if it doesn't work out for some fall back is a bachelor's in Marketing ;) Got it covered. Just the way I look at it man do what you WANT to do! Good luck with whatever. Peace.