Sound City Dave Grohl


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My son sent me this:

I haven't seen this documentary, but I heard its really good. 99 cents makes it even better.

Foo Fighters (@foofighters)
5/28/13, 6:03 PM
.@soundcitymovie is movie of the week @iTunesMovies - rent for 99 cents! & get album for only $7.99 - less than $10!

For .99 how bad could it be. I am downloading it now.


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I found it to be excellent. I guess once you get past Abbey Road and Motown, this place was second to none on giving talent a chance. Let's bring back the 2 inch tape and props to Dave Grohl for resurrecting this music board.


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I saw it a couple of weeks ago. It's a great documentary and includes some great audio tracks as well.


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Its a great movie if you like music. the first half is a "rockumentary", the second half is dave and the foos and some other folks making music- really good music.

Well worth a look.

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I pre-ordered it, it's now one of my favorite movies.

If you're into music, studios, studio boards, studio gear, and awesome rock music, it's a must-see.