Soultone Vintage Old School 1964


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Well, the truest 50s/60s sound I know of are Cymbal & Gong... which I happen to sell.

They're manufactured in Turkey to traditional specifications. Basically a Portland drummer took some old cymbals to Turkey, found some great smiths, and had them copy them-- he had to talk them into it, because they don't really make them that way any more. Quality and consistency are excellent. I recently played about fifteen 20" jazz rides when picking a cymbal for myself, and there wasn't a single dog. I could have just taken one at random and have been equally happy with it.

You can check them out here. Shoot me a note if you'd like to know more. A couple of guys on the forum use them-- @Swissward Flamtacles and @Griener.
I really like the sound very open yet woody articulations; and dig the concept.

Roscoe Joe

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Your jazz must be opened up. It's too closed in like there's rules or something. Jack DeJohnette had the worst signature cymbal line named after him and he used those for jazz.
They're just a bit too heavy for my style of playing and they just don't sound quite right for my liking. Just personal taste.


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I just bought the Dream Vintage Bliss 22'' Crash/Ride. It has a great vinatge sound, very washi and is 2216 gramms only.


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I've had some Zildjian's & Sabian's that were both good & bad. I have one Meinl that's pretty good & love the Paiste Signatures.
Soultone did good with a 14" fast crash I had for a while, but the build quality was so-so.

I'm with you on choosing from 14 different burgers would just have me closing my eyes, picking one & enjoying it as long as I could.
But over time, I'd learn which one I like best.