Soultone endorser regret?


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Yes, they are. I regularly receive email from them asking me to submit the agreement. I didn't ask. It came unsolicited because I, years ago, wrote to them with a question.


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So Soultone really has no soul- lot of irony in that. Maybe we should get all DW forum to be endorsers then bash their product in unison so an overwhelming negative image so they drop us all , then we can bash them for spamming us and cutting us because of bad products or business practices. But I doubt we could shame them. I’d like to make a video using Zil ZBTs cymbals for skeet practice - finally they can have a function and the video would go viral - once you capture audience then use Soultone with a copy of your contract glued to cymbal- blow them both to hell. Karma studios present “ Skeet with Scat” so we shoot crappy products or vendors down lol


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Yes, they are. I regularly receive email from them asking me to submit the agreement. I didn't ask. It came unsolicited because I, years ago, wrote to them with a question.

I've unsubscribed from the email and I still get their crappy emails


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Oh the marketing is worse than ever now with social media. I see daily ads on IG about soultone.

Funnily enough - the real problem with Soultone isn't even the cymbals - every year at NAMM they have some genuinely cool stuff and they have some good sounding lines actually.

This whole ridiculous customer as endorser thing really killed their long game - no one will EVER take them seriously. Ever.


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Seems to be an issue with smaller cymbal companies. I (ME, one of the worst players out there) was offered an endorsement from another company. I told them that I just started playing and was no good. They told me that they have different levels of endorsements for “rising stars” (🤢). Never heard me play. Don’t know my name. Nothing.

The discounts were terrible. I found a better deal from a dealer. The MSRP prices were so high, that the “artist” pricing was right there with dealer prices.

Even in my newness, I knew not to get flattered by the offer and I definitely knew not to agree or sign anything. Not that it would matter, because they won’t know what I have on my kit anyway.

But the whole strategy is preying on the whole “social media” culture of “I am _____ and I play _____ cymbals, _____ drums, _____ sticks, ______ hardware, etc.” Everybody wants to feel like a somebody. We want people to know what brand tape we fix broken rods with, or with what brand cloth we wipe our drums down. We all want to feel important, seen, heard, and valuable. These companies see it, and exploit it.

In reality, we’re all nobodies. Maybe not all of us. But most :D


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They replied...
Bot reply or professional ignorance?

You decide!


"Nice to meet you and thank you for getting back to me. I'm happy to assist you in becoming a Soultone artist and answer all your questions.
Soultone Cymbals is currently working with over 3000 active drummers nationwide. We are grateful to be able to continue supporting our artist and fortunate to have them especially during the current global situation. Our factory in Turkey is also in full capacity.
We have reviewed your offer and we understand your frustration. We offer the same level of endorsement discount and support to all of our artists, from up and comers to the established, regardless of status.
See our Endorsers page below,
Please let me know if you are ready to join Soultone. I'm happy to assist."


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It's a shame - because at least some of the cymbals are very good. I have a Soultone ride that is excellent. Got it at a great price during an Amazon deal. But the regular channels for buying this stuff are spotty to non existent.


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I have a cymbal bag full of Soultone branded cymbals..from whichever Turkish foundry cranked them out. I use them on my practice kit and they sound fine. I bought every single one of them on Amazon for much less that I could've bought them on the Soultone Endorser program or even for the cost of comparable used Sabian HH and in some cases for less than a comparable Sabian AA. Again, from Amazon and for much, much less. For example: I have a pair of 17" Soultone hats that were about $101.

And yes, it was a risk of buying cymbals unheard. I sold a few off and have kept the pleasant delights. I'm not so much into the ink on the cymbal, but rather the hammered metal underneath it.

C.M. Jones

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I'm not so much into the ink on the cymbal, but rather the hammered metal underneath it.
A praiseworthy position, Lee-Bro. It's a pity that we can't test all cymbals in logo-free condition. Without series data to divert us, I suspect our selections would be quite surprising.


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I'm not sure I can even remember what brand my cymbals are off the top of my head. There are essentially two sorts. Ones that I like and ones that I don't. I accepted a very long time ago that I was never going to be a professional player and that any brand interest I would have should be entirely one-way, so seeing Soultone still doing this is, frankly, equal parts disheartening and piteous. Stroking the naïve egos of young players that really want to make a mark but aren't too bitter and cynical to see what it really is...


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They recently came up on my instagram account advertising for endorsers, lots of drummers in the comments saying "I'm endorsed by Soultone!!..,etc" incorrectly detailing what an endorsement actually is.

Absolute shameless company and sales tactics. I have no desire to try their cymbals (not that I'm calling them bad, sounds like people on here like theirs which is great) but to my mind if they had a genuine product and confidence in it surely they wouldn't need to rely on such desperate sales tactics, preying on some sections (ego, people desperate for clout, young drummers...etc) of the drumming community.

It's wrong and I don't like it.