Sonor SQ2 veneer questions!


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I need some serious wood experts here (i know that is probably what she said but.. lol)

I've been working towards getting a custom Sonor SQ2 set. I've got all the sizes that I want and wood/wood thickness, but I'm at a crossroads on what veneer to use. I've narrowed it down to African Mahogany and their Ebony veneers. Both are beautiful, but what I was wondering is how each wood alters the sound of the drum. Any input would be very much appreciated. For reference, these are the specs:

all Beech shells. "Medium" shell thickness on all toms.
8x8, 10x10, 14x16, 16x18
Bass drums are "Heavy" thickness.
22x18, 24x18

Thanks guys and gals. Have a great weekend!


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The guys with the REALLY hard wood on the insides like Ebony have commented on more projection, etc... Sonor "Veneer" is more like an actual ply, so that is something that might be contributing to some of the comments I remember.