SONOR SP 473 - opinions please


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Last week I tested this pedal in a shop and it was very comfortable to play. But to test and to play for longer time may be a difference. So I ask you: do you have experiences with this pedal?

I am also interested in the Hihat-Stand HH 484. What do you think of the 400 Series hardware of SONOR in general?

Thank you for your advice.


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The hardware is simple, yet very sturdy.

I use both 400 gear (on my force 3007) and 600 series (on my designer) and have never had any issues with either.


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I agree with Damo, I have all 600 and love it. I think the 400 is great as well, however I don't like the 400 hi hat or bass drum pedal. Just my opinion.


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This pedal came with my kit and in my opinion is one of the best pedals in it's price range. It's very sturdy and i've never really had any issues with it except for it being a little squeaky.


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I had two single pedal 400s and a hat stand (may have been an earlier model than the 484 - 4xx that came with 3003s)). I never liked the shape of the footboards - they felt strange under my feet. Decent gear, though.