Sonor S Classix head choice


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Hello, any advice on a great head combo for a birch s classix kit.
I love Aquarian heads and have the response 2 (coated) over clear right now, and like it, the durability of these heads are awesome, I'm just looking for more of a tone... if that makes sense. Could be the basement. Just asking because I don't want to spend to much money experimenting. Anyone tried the super 2's?
Clear coated?

Duck Tape

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My s-class had more tone with Evans ec2's (but less attack) if that helps. G1's as reso. Not sure what the Aquarian equivalent is (for remo its pin stripe) but now I'm curious.


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aquarian dont really have an ec2/pinstripe equivilant... try just a texture coated over texture coated... or texture coated over classic clear. response 2 coated should give plenty of warm and tone, but perhaps you should try what i just suggested as they're both 1ply skins.

super 2's are okay, i prefer response 2's over them


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Thanks lads, I'll stick it out with the response 2 coated until they are dean then maybe go to the clear version. I do like them and you can spend a ton trying to figure out something different.
I tried the pinstripe on an old set in the past and I hated it, so I'm staying clear of those or any version of..
Response is the way to go I'm getting...