Sonor Protean 8 stand Snare Wires - has anyone tried them?


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Hi - I've always wanted fewer snare wires to get more drum sound. I've destroyed many wires trying to cut them down : ) These 8 strand wires look great, but are expensive! So I wondered if anyone has experience of them and the different characteristics of the different configurations (8 in a line, 2 sets of 4 wires like the PureSound EQ wires, and then 8 spaced out). Thanks very much!


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I've never tried these Sonor wires, but I have experimented with removing a few strands from larger wire sets.

I've usually removed strands from the middle, and it does reduce sympathetic vibration as advertised. I might have tried something similar to that "every other wire" configuration that Sonor calls the "spacer" style, but I don't recall any dramatic difference.

After messing around with removing strands from larger wire sets I've settled on Gibraltar 12 or 14-strand wire sets. I do prefer the sound of fewer wires but I've not noticed any significant differences enough to justify the often significant increase in price. Maybe I just like a "basic" sound, but I've been more than satisfied with Gibraltar's basic wires.

That's not to say it's all smoke and mirrors; wire gauge, coil length, width, and spacing do have an effect on sound and response. Trying a lot of different wires helps you do your own cost-benefit analysis.