Sonor Phonic/Centennial for sale


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For sale is a vintage Sonor 5-piece Phonic/Centennial (the bass drum and 12" rack tom are Centennials, while the rest are just regular Phonics) Beechwood (which is a unique wood that has nice resonance but strong attack) drum kit with 9 plies of the aforementioned Beechwood in an Ivory finish. This kit has had some modifications. The original tom brackets have been removed and replaced with isolation mounts, which greatly increase the rich, resonant tone of these drums. One of the rack toms has a bracket on the isolation mount that accepts shell-penetrating hardware, while the other two rack toms have Gibraltar brackets that accept L-rods (the original shell-penetrating brackets for those two toms will be included, however). The snare drum pictured is NOT for sale. The only hardware included will be the floor tom legs (which have an exposed air chamber in the rubber feet which really allows the drum to resonate nicely) and the bass drum-mounted shell-penetrating tom arm mounting assembly. All the toms have Evans Onyx batter heads (which provide a dark, focused sound with amazing durability) and EC resonant heads (which bring out the natural tone of the wood), while the bass drum has an Evans Heavyweight EMAD batter (which gives a deep, punchy attack) and a generic Sonor resonant head. Included with the kit as well is a vintage Sonor drum key which is needed to tune the slotted tension rods on the toms. The sizes of the drums are 20x14" bass drum, 10x6", 12x7", 13x8" rack toms, and 14x14" floor tom. Feel free to ask any questions you'd like about the kit.

Again, the snare drum pictured is NOT FOR SALE.

This listing is on eBay ( for $1,500 (auction) or $1,950 (buy it now) and is LOCAL PICKUP ONLY (I am in New York). If you are interested, but don't want to use eBay, PM me and we can figure something out, though I will NOT ship it on any condition.

I will upload pictures soon.