Sonor part - what is it called and where can I get one?


After seeing the price of tom stands (Yikes!), I decided to make my own with stuff I had laying around. I welded a piece of 10mm hex stock (actually an extra 10mm allen wrench) to some round steel stock, and stuck it in the base of an old cymbal stand. It works great, but I would like to get that little lock thing that clamps on the hex stock and cradles the tom attachment area (pictured here)

What is that little clamp thing called, and where can I get one? Thanks!


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thats a Sonor single tom arm and post...are you talking about that piece on the hex tom rod? thats a memori-loc for that. Any good Sonor dealer can order you one


FYI that hardware item is most likely a Sonor TA478... with memory lock :)

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As a side note, any chance we could get some pictures of this home-made piece? I'm personally quite interested in seeing this and how you have it rigged up to the rest of the stand.


I'll see if I can get a picture. The kit is my son's and it's not here now. Anyway, all I did was weld a regular 10mm allen wrench (just a hair under the dimensions of the Sonor hex bar mounts) to a motor mount bolt from some long gone motorcycle I rebuilt and sold. The bolt is about a foot long, 12mm in diameter, very strong, and fits well in an old boom cymbal stand we had. It looks crude, but when the kit is assembled, I doubt anyone would every notice it.