Sonor Force 3007

Ted T

My Sonor Force 3007 came in the mail yesterday from Zzounds!! It looks amazing. I'm so happy... I think I'm going to send my car to Taiwan so they can apply the finish to my ride... and when I get a Wrangler I'm going to swap out the spare tire on the back for the bass drum. It's going to look rad.

Red sparkle fade to black, lacquer. There are only two pictures of it that I've seen on the web and they don't do the kit any justice.

But anyways.. I haven't played it yet. Just been gawking at it for hours, trying not to get fingerprints on it. Now I HAVE to get cases. $685 from Zzounds, new kit.

Don't got no hardware or cymbals though. But I will fill you guys in when I play it. I'm planning on getting Sonor 200 series hardware, Giant Step double pedal, Byzance Brilliant Hats, MB20 heavy ride, and a crash, for starters.

Heck to the yes! When I show up for a gig people are going to think I'm good before I even play... and only before I play, ha


Congrats on your new kit! I have a Force 3007 in blue sparkle and every gig I play, I get compliments on the finish. Great drums, you're gonna love em


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I have two 3007 kits: a red sparkle lacquer and a black lacquer. I also have a 2005 all birch kit. The Chinese built Sonor kits are great, well-made kits.


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I have the 3007 in Autumn Fade from Dales Drums. Although I don't use the complete kit every time I play, I bought the8,10,12,13,14 toms, a 16 floor, and a 22x17.5 kick. I gig every weekend and the kit never fails to get compliments. One piece of advice however - the factory heads do not do justice for the sound. Replace the heads, give it a good tuning and you will love the sound. If I had one complaint about the kit, I would say the plating on the lugs is one area where money was saved. With that said, I love my kit and for the money spent it was an outstanding value!

Bo Eder

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Congrats! I had a Sonor 3007 in white sparkle and that kit was really surprising - it sounded much better than I had given it credit for. The more surprising thing was that 5x14 snare drum - it went to any and all tunings and sounded great. That was the first time I ever experienced that in a kit without having to resort to one of my other, better snares! Enjoy!


All you guys should thank Mapex(KHS) for making Sonor all those great drums in their factory. :)

Bo Eder

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Ouch!!! And Sonor is better? :)
Sonor has the historical significance for me. Bernard Purdie, Jack DeJohnette, Steve Smith, are among those that played 'em. You're right, they're not better, they're just closer to my heart because of guys like that ;)

Kenny Allyn

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1. giving out or capable of giving out a sound, especially a deep, resonant sound, as a thing or place: a sonorous cavern.

2. loud, deep, or resonant, as a sound.

The 3007s are just great drums you will love them ... I had my set for about a year (and still have a Safari set)

They are in good hands now Bill Marshall ( Hank Williams Jrs drummer for 23 years) now owns and gigs with them ...

Ted T

Thanks guys. I haven't played them yet, but I'm pretty excited based off of your comments and all the positive reviews I read online. Plus I think Sonor kits just look rad.

What heads do you use SAINT? I have a new set of Remo heads in the closet. They're either Coated Ambassadors or Coated Emperors.


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To answer your question - I am currently using Evans G2 clears for the batters with Evans Genera resos on the toms and a EMAD2 on the kick. I left the factory reso on the kick only because it has the Sonor logo on it. With that said, I like to experiment to see what produces the best sound for the music & venues I play. For batter heads I've tried pinstripes, G2 coated, coated Ambassadors, Aquarian Studio X's, among a few others. I also used Remo Diplomats on the reso side. Suffice to say that I didn't re-head my entire kit each time - I don't make THAT much money, but I would try "strategic" drums (i.e floor, middle tom, etc.). The coated heads sounded really nice, but I play rock/classic rock and the G2 and to a lesser extent, the pinstripes, give me the sound I'm searching for. I also take into account the sound I get with the kit being close mic'd. Honestly, IMO, the factory heads can be tuned to sound acceptable, but your shells will sound so much better with other heads.

Liebe zeit

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Well, I've *only* got the Force 2007 in Blue Fade and for me it plays fantastically and looks gorgeous.

I am thinking of swapping out the snare for a Ludwig