Sonor Designer Series


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Wow, absolutely stunning. Nicest Designer kit I've ever seen.
They're setup backwards though :)

Hi wild Bill, the lower knobs on mounting bracket adjust how ridged the mounting system is, so in turn that adjusts how much the drums move when you play them and also slightly effects resonance. Its basically a suspension system you can adjust.


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OK - thanks.

I removed the pic in the post above. Those drums are too good looking to have graffiti arrows on them - LOL
Cheers will put up a few more pics when I get a chance. The sonor museum site has great info and specs on the designer model and all sonors.


Sonor Designers are the best kit Ive ever played and owned, hands down.

I got the Sonor guys to custom make me one of the very last Designers before the SQ2 was introduced. It cost me a fortune and has been worth every cefnt :)

Seems they've also taken my colour and put it into mass production (sort of, except mine is a bubinga veneer)

The second pic shows the finish up-close. Still love seeing it and playing it, all these years later...


wow lovely kit I'd have to agree they are also the best kit I've ever played and I've played quite a few! mine was made in 2003 they are very musical drums clean tone and feel great to play also the snares are just amazing