Sonor Delite VS Pearl Reference


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Sonor would be my choice as well and your back will thank you , that you didn't choose Pearl.


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I have extensive experience with Pearl Reference series drums. IME they are inconsistent. They can be great if the shells you get are great. They can also be rubbish. I have played many bad Reference drums. (I used to operate amongst heavy Pearl dealership) I have only heard one Delite snare I would not buy.

Sonor IMO is a far greater brand. Think Ferrari to Ford.

Oh and forget Gretsch. They can't even be bothered to make their own shells. WTF is up with that? They are not a drum company. They just sell them.
Well said, I totally agree.
Pearl are nice but from my experience a little inconsistent as well.
Sonor's are excellent drums all the way around.
I noticed something the other day with a top of the line Ludwig kit (Legacy) Something simple but just makes you look at the detail that goes into a Sonor kit compared to other big drum companies.
The Legacy kit was 3 shells for almost $3000.00, I looked at the bass drum hoops and the wrap that happened to be on it was just placed ontop of the hoop, sorry but that's cheap to me.
The Sonors inlay the hoops to make it even all the way around, simple little things like this make you think hmmm.
Also lets face it Sonor drums have the best dam looking lugs on the market!
Anyways thanks for listening to me rant. I like Ludwig drums but I found that kind of cheap..


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I have been thinking of buying a Sonor Delite.
I have been slowly looking and comparing drums for a few years now and I have my heart set on a Sonor.
I like everything about them.
I will have to buy used.
The new ones are out of my range.


My mind has not changed from the comment I made six months ago, Sonor Delite, no question.



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I'm currently deciding between BD rosette vs virgin BD,
but not because of the virgin drum, but thinking of setting up and carrying matters...)
I have grown to prefer putting the two mounted toms on a stand that is next to the bass drum.
The main reason is that it allows me to place my ride where the second tom would go if it was mounted on the bass drum.
The stand can also hold a cymbal. One stand holds 3 items

I leave my tom stand in tact when I transport. I simply lower the cymbal arm so that the stand fits into a 36" bag.
It works great!
If the bass drum has a tom mount I use it to hold a cymbal arm for a splash cymbal.