Sonor AQX vs. AQ2


I am looking for a very small drum kit and I’m interested in Sonor: AQ2 Martini and AQX micro. The martini is nearly twice the price of the micro I Believe largely due to the maple versus the poplar.

Are the Maple shells worth that extra price? Do you know if there are other items such as hardware or quality control that justify the higher price of the martini?

I’m just starting out on the drums And my goal is to play at my church In an acoustic setting. I can’t see myself advancing past an intermediate stage. Drumming is just a little side hobby for me. I want to buy something decent that I’m happy with but I don’t want to buy a piece of junk either. Let me know your thoughts thank you.

If there is another kit that you recommend that we meet my needs Let me know. Thank you
Both kits are good for the price. The AQ2 is more of gigging kit. AQ2 has a better sound quality than AQX. All of Sonor hardware series are built to last. As you stated the big difference is the shell make up. IMO, I would go with AQ2 if you have the money. If not AQX is O.K. good quality for the price. It all comes down between the two is price and what you are looking for in a kit. Good luck and have fun. Also welcome to DW. 🥁
Are the Maple shells worth that extra price? Do you know if there are other items such as hardware or quality control that justify the higher price of the martini?

yeah they are . There is a member here. , I believe Justinhub2003 . He had the aqx and was thinking there was not much of a difference without testing them. He ended up with an AQ2 for some reason and said he preferred them over the AQX. . but now with the AQ2 price increase.. not sure if he would absolutely go for them again with the current pricing.

.. actually found his post on it : " I was blown away by the AQX sound especially for the price but I think the AQ2 sounds even better ."
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For what its worth, here's a used AQ2 Martini on reverb for $675 shipped:

I've never played the AQX, but I have an AQ2 Martini and it punches way above its weight. I bought the kit for the toms and planned on shelving the 14" kick drum but that thing has some serious thump for such a tiny bass drum.

Edit: that said, I would agree with RickP that if this is going to be your only kit, I would go with a bigger kick drum.

Another thing worth considering is that the poplar AQX shells are significantly thicker than the AQ2 (7.2mm vs. 5.8mm). Thin maple shells just SING. Can't say whether or not thicker poplar would do the same but my feeling is not.
I have owned the first version of the Martini, similar to the actual AQX Series and also an AQ2 Safari Set with a 16“ BD. I never regretted the extra money spent for for the AQ2 Safari. Sounds absolutely faboulous and much bigger than it is. The Martini sounded ok, but was soundwise too much of a compromise for me. The build quality of of the AQ2 is also far better in comparison.
I just bought a Safari AQ2 in titanium quartz finish. 10/13/13/16. It looks gorgeous! Hardware is pretty strong and well made. It sounds greater than its sizes. I'm using it for small gigs and bars; although I'm still looking for the perfect heads for live situations.
On snare I put a Genera HD Dry but it really turned off the sound dynamics. Changed it for a G2, the dynamics and bright got back but it is way too louder than the toms and the kick and most of the time the snare eats all the band (not ideal on all situations).
I'm trying soon a Power Center hopefully it will give me the tone, sensitive and volume I'm looking for.
On the kick I changed the batter head for a EMAD2 with the smallest foam ring. It is punchy and controlled, no need for inside pillow. Although I keep the reso Sonor head, probably I will get a 16 reso and cut a hole on it to see if it gives extra punch on live gigs to pair the snare volume.
For the toms I've tested Ambassador coated, Emperor coated, G2 clear. I liked better the sound with the emperors but I discover I needed the extra volume with the ambassador (again to match the snare volume), although it sounds a bit more "plastic". With the G2 the volume was brought down but I liked the tone best. Not suitable for live gigs though IMO.
I'll continue testing different heads. How about you guys. Any experience with the heads?


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I’ve owned back to back in succession. A red sparkle AQX and a wmp AQ2

I was blown away with how good the AQX sounded. But I was even more blown away AQ2. It made me switch back to maple shells on my bigger kit.

I say go for the AQ2.. more versatile, easy to tune and they just sound great