Sonor 3000 tom mount question


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Anybody know the thread size for the wing screw that holds the bass drum tom mount in place? Since I cannot find one for sale anywhere, thinking of just getting a correct size bolt as a temporary solution.


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Hi GeorgesB. I'll try to find the correct wing screw with thread size and correct part number Thursday when I get back home. Otherwise use European metric thread bolt not Asian thread. 3000's were made in Germany.


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Are you referring to the wing bolt that screws into the bass drum bracket on your newly acquired 3003 that tightens against the post for the tom holder?

I thought I saw it missing in the one photo in your other thread. If so, it’s an M8 x 37mm... which is an odd ball length.

I had one missing on a kit I bought for a church once and I couldn’t find anyone including stdrums in Germany that stocked it. The closest I could find from any other drum manufacturer or fastener shop was a Pearl UGB-835 which is 35mm long and just short enough not to tighten sufficiently.

So I ended up using a regular hex head M8 x 40mm bolt until I came across an inexpensive, used bass drum bracket on eBay and stole the wing bolt from it.

EDIT: Sonor part number is: 145 941 81
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