Songs with misleading time signature intros (or "Where's the 1?")

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The most notorious is Rock n Roll by Led Zeppelin but what other songs do you know that start on something other than the 1 which leads to confusion?

i.e when the rest of the band comes in and it is established that the 1 is not where you thought it was?

I've got
Jerry Harrison - Rev it up
Jesus he knows me - Genesis
You Just Like me 'Cos I'm Good in Bed - Skyhooks
The Monkees - Pleasant Valley Sunday

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woodstock- CSN&Y
I don't think even they mapped it out..
million-seller tho

one from the early early days pre-Tama!
Always liked the sounds in that intro.
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one more and I'll sit down.
Masterful guitar intro- guitar playing. Phil Keaggy
Come On Down To My Boat-Every Mother's Son can be tricky at first.

I remember when this came out, my high school buddies came to me and said "What the heck is going on with this intro?!?" As soon as we figured it out, it was pretty easy.

"Take it Easy" is much harder, because virtually no one I've ever played with played it right
Cheap Trick - I want you to want me
I don't know if it's universally misleading, or if I just heard it wrong to begin with and now my brain won't make the correction.

Another one:
Kate — Ben Folds Five
Marc Cohn — Walking in Memphis

Jay Fenichel aka @thedrummersalmanac on instagram has made a bunch of posts on the topic, including:

Motley Crue — Kickstart My Heart
The Police — Murder by Numbers
Cliff Richard & the Shadows — Move It
Sting — Fortress Around Your Heart
Phish — It’s Ice
Rufus and Chaka Khan — Tell Me Something Good
Hendrix — All Along the Watchtower
Usually one or two songs at every gig I play with this new band that I'm playing with.
Every once in a while the band starts playing a song and they forget to tell me which song they are playing.
The lead guitar player has a poor sense of time. And so the first couple of bars is usually a train wreck until I figure out what in the he!! they are playing.

Oh yeah, I've figured that out, and explained it numerous times. The hard part is getting everyone to play it. 🤣

Oh, yeah. You're right. Each guitarist will do it just a little out somewhere.