Songs that take you to places..


bear with me here...

This thread is inspired by a great thread from Aydee he recently put up where he asks of your favourite 4 lines or verse from a song that resonate with you deeply, and it got me thinking quite alot. songs we hear of course evoke many nostalgic emotions in us for all sorts of ways, be it a person,time, animal , vegatable, mineral or other...

i want to hear if anyone has come across a song that really places them somewhere... but specifically a location, a real place, that their chosen song brings them to in an instant. i have always found these connections facinating i guess.

my choice in his thread was a line by a favourite band of mine whose music always puts me to a very specific location in my 'minds eye'. it just does it every time with this band. i am able paint this picture and create an image with an approximate time of day or weather condition. the strange thing however is that although the location and song exist, they for me have never been placed together, for example by hearing the song at this location. this has always puzzled me!

if this makes any sense and you have a song that brings you to a place but not a 'nostalgic' place per say then it would be cool to hear what it is for you.

ps you're instantly disqualified from this thread if you say something like "Massachusetts by the Bee Gees.. always makes me think of Massachusetts...hmmm...."



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Many songs evoke emotions and nostalgia, a fact not lost on ad agencies who liberally use classic rock and soul tracks to reach a generation that has a lot of discretionary income.

But for me, specific songs remind me of many things for many reasons... poeple, places, emotions, events. Too many to mention, but they take me right back, and immediately.



indeed, lots of aspects come to mind when we hear a song but im curious about those songs that evoke a location not neccesarily a nostalgia trip down memory lane, which goes withough saying when we hear almost all music.

i guess ive just never understood why the sound of a particular band i like actually brings to mind a location not just a memory.
Sweet Emotion + Aerosmith, Houston - Texas - USA.

The Boys Are Back In Town + Thin Lizzy, Aberdeen / Dunecht / Union Street - Scotland.


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One of my favorite songs is Taxi by Harry Chapin, Jim's son. One of the great lyrics and a great story song that is quite visual. It takes place in San Francisco; but any suburb would do.But I always visual the same place when I listen to it.

Many songs evoke emotions and nostalgia, a fact not lost on ad agencies who liberally use classic rock and soul tracks to reach a generation that has a lot of discretionary income.

I think music, esp. popular music is fundamentally about nostalgia. 'Nostalgia' becomes a bad word because young people want to think that they are on the cutting edge of what's happening. But even some of the most radical rock and roll is all about nostalgia.
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"Gone 'Till November" - Wyclef Jean, Gastown, Vancouver. Driving around in the band van pumping tunes we figured would annoy people.

"Blackened" - Metallica, Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia. On a mix cd I made when the gf and I went on vacation there, driving along beautiful ocean shores with a kick-arse soundtrack.

"Bittersweet Symphony" - The Verve, London Ontario. The truck I drove for work didn't have a tape deck (or a cd player for that matter...), radio was all I got.

"Double Plaidinum" - Lagwagon, (any song on the album), the entire I75, but especially Kentucky. I got the album for x-mas then took a trip to Florida for new year's.


Music as a whole is so special beacuse it can instantly bring back a fond memory or emotion to so many people. No matter what genre, it seems everyone has a song or two that will evoke something in them and give a little lift to your day. If I had a dollar for every time I said the phrase " oh dude, turn it up" when a certain song comes on the radio...


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When I hear "May 16" by Lagwagon, I think of the the map called "Temple" on Goldeneye, for the N64. Don't ask why. I have many more, but this one is particularly weird.

Then there's the typical emotions associated with great guitar solos. I don't think that's what this thread is about though.