Songs that start with drums only

It's a quick intro, but our female- fronted ( 4 singers!), 11-piece '70's soul & funk band project just picked up this Michael Jackson gem, yesterday!

I'm the guitar player, and the drummer in our band ( and the reason I'm here, trying to learn drums...), just grooves on this song!

Can't believe at 65, this Classic Rock/ blues/Bluegrass guitar player ( me!) is now playing great R&B guitar on songs like this!

Edit: we don't sound like
THIS! ( duh), but we will eventually, get a good groove ( skewed with maybe an older R&B vibe)
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Not a studio recording, so maybe doesn't count, but this has lived rent free in my head since I heard it, "Vesyelye Rebyata" band, playing one of their og songs "If You Love Me", unfortunately an incomplete recording, but some amazing drumming.


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