Song video clichés


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Sorry if this has been done before (that would be ironic lol) but you know what i mean? Things that you always see in song videos that bands do ALL THE TIME. I can think of 2:

1stly, those "montages" of bands on tour with pics of them pulling silly faces, drinking, falling off skateboards and playing on stage etc... it's usually the 4th or 5th video off the album meaning that basically the record company have said "ok, we've stumped up the cash for 3 proper music videos already, for this last single we want to have it done for as cheaply as possible. Here's a video camera, film some silly stuff on tour and we'll make a video out of it!"

Then there are those vids where bands have TVs on their heads, usually the pitcure being of their head. Yeah it's a good idea, if it wasn't for the fact that it's been done about a million times before...